Tim Schnitzler

My role as Lead Video
at Greenhouse.

In this role I’m leading a team of video production specialists creating marketing videos that help brands realise their marketing goals by creating social content that’s on brand and stands out.

Greenhouse is a brand & performance agency with over 500 experts in data, media, creative and tech. We love to work with brands that appreciate the skills, drive and vision we bring to the table. By investing in talent and good ideas since 2006, Greenhouse has evolved into the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial agency our clients ask for. Greenhouse, a WPP agency. www.greenhousegroup.com.

Nieuw: Audi virtual mirrors met AR integratie. #AudiCarFilter

Geplaatst door Audi Nederland op Zondag 31 maart 2019

1 april inhaker Audi

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Nieuw: Audi virtual mirrors met AR integratie. #AudiCarFilter